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Rose Valley Swarm


Rose Valley competes in the Suburban Swim League. Swimmers on our small team get the attention they need to develop good form. Practices are divided into aerobic conditioning, skill building drills, and a heavy dose of fun. Our family-friendly schedule includes weekday practices from 4:30 to 5:30 and Wednesday evening meets. Beginning swimmers receive extra attention at a special practice from 4:00 to 4:30.

Practice starts Memorial Day weekend and runs through championships at the end of July.

Kids ages 4 to 18 who demonstrate a level of competency in the pool are welcome to join.

For detailed information about our swim and dive teams, please visit the Rose Valley Swim and Dive Team website.

Visit Swim & Dive Team Website

You can get in touch with the swim team parent representative with questions about event postponement and rescheduling, team swimsuits, smartphone apps to keep you in the loop, and more.

Contact Swim Team Parent Rep

Samantha Keeler, a lifelong Rose Valley member and former varsity swimmer for Ridley High School, will take the helm this summer after serving as Assistant Swim Coach for several seasons. Assisting Coach Keeler will be Wes Yancey, a Strath Haven swim team alum and current collegiate swimmer for Marywood University.

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PhilAnn Dixon will coach the dive team this year, having served as Assistant Coach last summer. A member of Rose Valley’s team for ten years, PhilAnn is a varsity swimmer and diver for Strath Haven and is the defending Central League and Elite Meet Diving Champion.

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Practices start May 30th.

4:00-4:30 for everyone new to the team and all 8U swimmers. Coach may move some swimmers to the 4:30 practice.

4:30-5:30 for all swimmers aged 9 and up who are returning to the team.

Time Trials are Monday 6/19 – Pot Luck Dinner: we provide hot dogs and burgers, you bring a side/salad/dessert.

Wednesday, 6/21 Aronimink @ Rose Valley

Wednesday, 6/28 Swarthmore @ Rose Valley

Wednesday, 7/5 Rose Valley @ Wallingford

Wednesday, 7/12 Rose Valley @ Rose Tree Woods

7/16 Karakung Mini Meet – A super fun, and incredibly well run meet for the littles.

Wednesday, 7/19 Plymouth @ Rose Valley

Saturday,  7/22 “B” Champs Monday, 7/24 Distance Free (Invitational) Wednesday, 7/26 IM (Invitational) Saturday, 7/29 “A” Champs Tuesday,  8/1 Elite Meet

Stroke Clinics:
Wednesday, June 7th and June 14th, 5:00-6:00
On clinic evenings, practice for all swimmers will be from 4:00-5:00 with the clinic following. Pizza will be provided for all clinic participants (a great opportunity for parents to hit Dining Under the Stars!).
A registration form is available at the Guard Shack.

Annual Swim & Dive Team Awards Dinner

Saturday, 7/22


If you can muster the courage to jump off the board, you’re welcome to learn how to dive!

Practices are weekdays from 3:30 until 4:30.


Dive Meet Schedule: 
Meet RV@PM 6/22/17 warm up 5:00PM start 6:00PM
Meet SW @ RV 6/28/17 warm up 3:00PM start 3:30PM
Meet WA & RV @ MD 6/29/17 warm up 5:00PM start 6:00PM
Meet RV @ RTW 7/12/17 warm up 3:00PM start 3:30PM
Meet PCC @ RV 7/17/17 warm up 5:00PM start 6:00PM
Champs Martins Dam 7/25/17 age15 and over 3:00PM warm up 3:30 start
Champs Martins Dam 7/25/17 age 11 & 12 warm up 5:00pm 5:00PM start
Champs RTW 7/27/17 10 & under 2:00PM warm up 2:30 start
Champs RTW 7/27/17 13&14 warm up 5:00pm start 5:30PM start.

Lessons cover water safety, floating, treading water, proper kicking and breathing techniques, diving from the side of the pool and jumping off the diving board.

Instruction is tailored to the swimmer’s skill level.

Intended for children ages 4 and up, younger children may be evaluated by request.

Private or semi-private lessons or groups of four swimmers or fewer can be organized to accommodate your schedule. Information is available at the Guard House during Club hours.

Do you want to give your kids that quintessential summer experience of the suburban childhood, but you aren’t sure that a club membership is for you? If your child is interested in swimming with the Swarm, and can pass the pool test below, he or she is welcome to join the team, whether a member or not. Click the button at right to download a registration form.

The swim test requires that swimmers must swim one length of the pool, not touching any of the sides or stopping. After reaching the deep end, they must tread water for 60 seconds. They have the option of jumping off the diving board and swimming to the ladder, but this is not mandatory.